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Probiotics and Gut Health

by Andrea Brown |

Recently it has been coming into greater light how important the gut is to our overall health. Increased research is finding more evidence that our gut is related to many aspects of our health. Some of these related aspects include the immune system, mental health, certain diseases, cancer, and more. There is a specific type of bacteria that is found in the gut called microbiota which is a kind of bacteria that is good for our health. Having a balanced amount of microbiota and other bacteria in your gut can have numerous benefits such as helping with the absorption of nutrients, fighting obesity, strengthening the immune system, and reducing symptoms of depression. An imbalanced count of bacteria in your gut can have negative consequences including depression, bloating, constipation, being more prone to certain diseases, and inflammation.

To help balance the microbiota with the several other types of bacteria in the gut, it is great to supplement a healthy diet with probiotics. Probiotics are a form of good bacteria just as microbiota are. Supplementary products such as our Immunity Probiotic product blends a variety of different strains of probiotics to improve the gut and in turn improve the immune system, help prevent diseases, etc. Strains are basically different types of bacteria. Each strain serves a specific purpose and is used for a specific benefit to the body.

There are Lactobacillus varieties of strains which are found in the small intestine and there are Bifidobacterium varieties which are in the large intestine. Our Immune Probiotic provides blends of various strains from these two types of varieties. There aren’t many supplements out there that include blends of such a high amount of key probiotic strains which makes our Immune Probiotic very unique.

If you are wondering if the various types of bacteria in your gut are at a healthy, balanced level, there are many symptoms that could possibly be warning flags of an unhealthy gut. Some of these symptoms are constant fatigue, weight changes, and chronic stomach pains. If these are persisting issues then it’s possible that it could be a result of an unhealthy gut which can be solved through eating well (reducing foods that are high in sugar or fat), sleeping more, staying hydrated, and consuming probiotics. Even without having these problematic systems, it is very beneficial to your immune system, brain, general health, and more to always be mindful of your gut and take measures to improve its balance of bacteria levels.



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