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Benefits of Chlorella

by Andrea Brown |

A key ingredient in our Balance Superfood product is called Chlorella, a type of algae that forms in fresh water. This one ingredient alone has several benefits that are hard to pass up on. For one, chlorella is made up of several different compounds that are considered antioxidants. These are protective compounds such as chlorophyll and lycopene that help prevent certain chronic diseases. Chlorella is also loaded with high amounts of vitamins, proteins, minerals and more that are highly nutritional for us. The kind of nutrition that is provided by the makeup of chlorella is essential for multiple functions of the body relating to the immune system, nervous system, reproductive system, and more.

Increasing nutritional intake can lead to a happy lifestyle, in fact, chlorella can literally improve your happiness. Its protein is made of essential amino acids that are key in the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. These two chemical messengers play a vital role in each person’s happiness. Chlorella adds several positive enhancements to the body’s functions and our overall health. It also subtracts substances that may be harmful to us. It is one of the strongest detoxifiers of harmful chemicals, toxins, and metals that might find their way into our bodies. Chlorella targets these toxic substances before they are fully absorbed into our bodies, keeping us stronger and healthier.

While battling off harmful substances, chlorella also keeps our overall immune system strong in fighting off other unwanted visitors. Studies have shown that chlorella consumption has resulted in increased amounts of antibodies found in the system. Antibodies are proteins that fight off certain bacteria and viruses. As a result, the immune system is enhanced and is overall much more protective against harmful invaders.

Research has found one benefit of chlorella that effects the external body. Studies show that it has an anti-aging factor due to its protection against radiation and oxidative stress damage. One component of chlorella that is the reason for this particular effect is something called Chlorella Growth Factor. CGH contains raw materials that are responsible for building new DNA and cell components. When CGH enters our bodies, it repairs any damaged DNA and other cells. Our cells as a result stay stronger and healthier for longer and is more productive in keeping our skin healthy as well. This continued strength in DNA and cells may also help in extending lifespan. While there is no concrete evidence yet to support this claim, given what we know now about the importance of DNA and other cells in our overall being, it has been theorized that regular intakes of chlorella could help us live a longer life.

With the extensive list of benefits that chlorella has for our bodies, it is no wonder that it is considered a superfood. It is so pure with nutrients and very protective against several diseases and viruses. Chlorella can’t be consumed directly due to its hard cell wall that can’t be digested, but it is available in supplement form which is why we’ve used it in our Balance Superfood to reap the natural benefits that chlorella has to offer. This superfood is a great way to organically enhance our body’s daily functions and to keep us safer from harmful substances.



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