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by Andrea Brown |

We all know Green Tea has great benefits but combined with Moringa, known as “The Miracle Tree”, it is a potent and unique blend, there is nothing else like it. ArQ Boost's formula is loaded with flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Moringa is an Indian tree that has been used in traditional medicine for it's many preventative properties. It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds.

So far, scientists have only investigated a fraction of the many reputed health benefits. Here are 6 health benefits of Moringa that are supported by scientific research.

1. Moringa leaves are rich in many important nutrients, including protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin and iron.
2. Moringa is rich in various antioxidants, including quercetin and chlorogenic acid along with vitamin C and beta-caratene. Moringa leaf powder can increase blood antioxidant levels. 
    • Quercetin: This powerful antioxidant may help lower blood pressure.
    • Chlorogenic acid: Also found in high amounts in coffee, chlorogenic acid may help moderate blood sugar levels after meals.
    3. Moringa May Lower Blood Sugar Levels as clinical test indicate.
    4. Moringa May Reduce Inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection or injury. It’s an essential protective mechanism but may become a major health issue if it continues over a long period of time.  Moringa has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties in clinical testing. Though, this has not been studied in humans.
    5. Moringa can lower your cholesterol levels, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.
    6. Moringa may protect against arsenic toxicity. Test results are promising, but it’s not yet known whether this also applies to humans.
    The bottom line is ArQ Boost is a great way to get that bit of energy the second half of your day while getting all the unique benefits from the Moringa Tree.